Use the Google Home Platform to Control Your HTD Whole-House Audio System.

Google Home works with all Lync 6, Lync 12, MC-66, and MCA-66 whole-house audio controllers using gateway model WGW-SLX (GW-SL1 and WGW-SL1 will not work) and an internet connection. If you haven't already, we recommend first reading the Voice Assistant overview.

Getting Started with Google Home

Starting in the HTD Home Audio app, sync your zone names, source names, and presets. Then, in the Google Home app, link the HTD Home Audio Skill to the HTD cloud. Click for instructions.

HTD Google Home Syntax

Follow our voice command structure to get the results you want.

Create and Use Google Home Routines

Use the Google Home "Automations" tab to create Routines that can be launched with a custom voice command, schedule, or triggered event.

Google Home Troubleshooting

This is a work-in-progress that will be updated as common issues are brought to our attention.

Hear the Google Assistant’s Voice and Music Streaming   "Hey Google" responses sound amazing through real speakers! Use the microphones in the Google Nest Mini to issue your commands, but take your system to another level by replacing its small built-in speaker with the full force of your home audio system using the BTX Bluetooth Receiver and Audio Extension Kit.