Send Us Your Plans

If you are building a new home or planning a remodel of your current home, we offer detailed guidance for what is needed to get your home theater or multi-room project installed successfully. Many of our customers find it extremely beneficial to send us their plans. We can help you identify the best locations for speakers as well as select the most appropriate models. For whole-house (multi-room) audio, we can also help you establish zones and determine the best locations for keypads and primary components.

The diagram we send back to you is personalized for your expectations and budget and is a great reference point when discussing your project by phone. This service is FREE from HTD, absolutely no purchase required.

How we help you with your Whole-House Audio Project

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To accelerate the plan submission process, we suggest that you answer the following 4 questions:

1. In which whole house audio system are you most interested? Basic, Mid-Level, Advanced (Lync), not sure

2. Which specific rooms would you like to include in your whole house audio system? For example, Master Bedroom , Kitchen, Etc.

3. Would you like to include surround sound (home theater) in any areas? If so, which rooms? Where do you plan to locate the TV/screen?

4. Is cable already run or is it possible for you to run additional cable?

Please include any additional comments or information that you believe would help us with the initial design below: