Level TWO Powered Subwoofer

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A heavy and solid cabinet, a 10" long-throw reinforced woofer, and our SDA-200 digital subwoofer amplifier combine to produce a subwoofer that is both musical and authoritative.

Also available in Macassar Ebony veneer for those who prefer a 10” driver with their Level THREE Macassar Ebony speakers.

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Powered subwoofers are uniquely designed to reproduce only the lowest frequencies in both movies and music-only applications. A good powered subwoofer dramatically improves the impact and emotion of what you hear. But not all powered subwoofers deliver on this promise.

The HTD Level TWO Powered Subwoofer delivers with performance you would otherwise only find in much more expensive brands. Cabinets are cut using computer-controlled machines and made of quality 3/4" MDF with internal bracing to minimize unwanted cabinet resonance. Unlike many of our competitors, we never cover our cabinets in cheap imitation-wood grain vinyl. Instead, our cabinets are painted black with mid-gloss lacquer or expertly covered in gorgeous real wood veneer. Each cabinet is designed with a front-firing port for easy room placement. Rather than employing a simple port tube, our Level TWO Powered Subwoofer includes a 1/12th wave-length internal transmission line producing noticeably more bass than other speakers of similar size. A 2.5" diameter voice coil with multiple winding layers works together with a powerful magnet to keep the moving cone fast and accurate. The 10" long-throw, reinforced doped cone woofer extends down to 29 Hz at -3dB.

The SDA-200 subwoofer digital amplifier (included) can be positioned either with your other equipment (recommended) or close to, and even hidden beneath, the subwoofer cabinet. Using a subwoofer amplifier not permanently installed in the back of the subwoofer cabinet (as many "old-style" subwoofers do) offers several key benefits:

  • Air leaks around the built-in amp and its inputs/outputs, which can cause a buzzing or whistling noise, is a non-issue
  • Internal volume of the cabinet is not reduced by the installed amplifier allowing the cabinet to be as small as possible
  • You have the recommended option of placing the amplifier with your other equipment. This allows the amplifier to be connected to your LFE (subwoofer) output on your home theater receiver using only a short, inexpensive shielded cable; regular speaker cable is run from the amp to the connection point on the bottom of the subwoofer cabinet. This allows you to place the subwoofer exactly where you want without the need for running a 110V electrical cord to a nearby electrical outlet. If you can hide the speaker cable under carpet, etc., the subwoofer can literally look like it is floating in the room with no cables in view.
  • You still have the option of placing the subwoofer amplifier behind or beneath the subwoofer cabinet for a more traditional installation using a long shielded cable from your home theater receiver. Our Level TWO and Level THREE subwoofers include a recessed area in the bottom of the cabinet that allows the amplifier to be hidden beneath it.

The SDA-200 digital subwoofer amplifier was also carefully designed with features that allow the amplifier to be connected either directly to the LFE (subwoofer) output on your home theater receiver OR "in-line" using the speaker cables already in place for existing speakers in a room. And with some pre-planning, it is possible to easily add this subwoofer into any zone of a whole-house audio system. Watch the video for whole-house audio connection options.


  • Power: 150 watts RMS, 215 watts max
  • Frequency Response: 29 Hz - 150 Hz
  • Voice Coil: 2.5"
  • Magnet: 42 OZ ferrite
  • Sensitivity: 90 dB
  • Dimensions (HxWxD*): 17 1/2" x 14 1/2" x 16 1/2"
  • Weight (per piece): 44 lbs
  • Key Functions: Power (on/off, auto-on/auto-off), Phase switch, Variable Level Control, circuit protection
  • Dedicated LFE Input


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