What is Macassar Ebony?

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HTD Staff
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February 10, 2022 at 1:28:17 PM PST February 10, 2022 at 1:28:17 PM PSTth, February 10, 2022 at 1:28:17 PM PST

Macassar Ebony is a highly figured hardwood. It is immediately recognizable due to its striking and unusual grain pattern, usually appearing as “striped” patterns of light and very dark brown. While it is not a CITES restricted wood, it is rare, expensive, and highly sought after by master woodcrafters for its beauty and durability.


Because Macassar Ebony possesses such a distinctive grain pattern, it is critical that proper care be taken when arranging and aligning the veneer. This extra attention to detail results in what is referred to as “book-matching” and it is critical because it assures that you receive matching speakers when ordering a pair.

When you receive a pair of our Level TWO or THREE Bookshelf or Tower Speakers, you are receiving a truly hand-matched set, with the left and right speakers sharing the same grain pattern arranged symmetrically in a mirror image.

Limited Edition

Macassar Ebony is usually reserved for speakers costing thousands of dollars and even then, it often has an additional premium upcharge when selected. We worked hard to produce a limited edition run of our Level TWO and Level THREE speakers using this beautiful wood and when given the opportunity, we jumped at the chance.

After spending nearly a year sourcing the veneer and fine-tuning the stain/color and finish, we believe that the final result was well worth the wait. There is a small premium associated with this limited edition veneer, but one look will tell you that it is worth the additional investment – after all, these speakers are among the most beautiful we have ever created and will last a lifetime.

Unique Look of Real Wood Veneer

As with all figured veneers, grain patterns are unique and some minor variations will occur. While every effort has been made to expertly bookmatch all speakers sold in pairs, when ordering multiple different pairs, each pair may have a slightly different pattern. This is to be expected and is simply a part of working with actual wood veneers.

Due to the natural variation expected with a figured veneer such as Macassar Ebony, HTD cannot accept exchanges based on aesthetic preference or requests for a specific veneer pattern. Every pair is beautiful and unique, and you can take pride in knowing that you have the only speakers exactly like yours in the world.