Powered Subwoofer Cable


Why pay two and three times as much for inferior cable? Our powered subwoofer cable is made of pure Oxygen Free Copper and includes both a foil and copper mesh shield to prevent RF and EM interference. Gold plated connectors ensure the best signal transfer.

Use the short 3 foot cable (recommended) when your subwoofer amplifier can be located near your home theater receiver. You then run 2-conductor speaker cable to connect the subwoofer amplifier to the subwoofer.

Use the 30 foot cable when the subwoofer amplifier is positioned close to, or under, the subwoofer.

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Unlike speaker cable which conducts a powered signal, a powered subwoofer cable transmits an unpowered signal from your home theater receiver or decoder to the subwoofer's amplifier. This "line level" signal is susceptible to electro-magnetic (EM) and radio frequency (RF) interference from its surroundings.

To keep this interference out, a special cable with a braided-copper mesh and foil "shield" is used. Our powered subwoofer cable is professionally terminated with gold-plated RCA-type connectors.

Because powered subwoofers can be placed virtually anywhere in the room, our subwoofer cable is available in an extra long 30 foot length. We also offer a short 3' cable which is used when your subwoofer amplifier (including all current HTD models) is separate from the subwoofer cabinet. This arrangement allows for standard 2-conductor speaker cable to be run from your equipment to the subwoofer cabinet, expanding your placement options (a 110V outlet nearby is not necessary) and saving you money because speaker cable is generally less expensive per foot than a shielded cable.


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