Add Audio to Your Home Automation Scenes. Control with Alexa and Google Assistant.

HTD is working with programmers to enable our whole-house audio systems to integrate with many popular home automation platforms. Our own HTD Lync and HTD MC apps still offer the best way to control an HTD system directly from a smart device but there are benefits to also adding control through a home automation platform or hub. Benefits include creating audio-only scenes, adding audio to existing home automation scenes, and being able to launch those scenes with a voice assistant or a timed or triggered event.
Getting Started: Select from one of the compatible home automation platforms shown below and connect one of its compatible hubs to your WiFi network. For your selected platform, follow our instructions to gain control over your HTD whole-house audio system.
Add Control to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant: Once you have established control over your HTD whole-house audio system with your home automation platform, add the platform’s “skill” (Alexa) or “device” (Google Home) to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home app. This allows you to create scenes within the app for controlling compatible equipment. Those scenes can then be triggered in a number of ways including by voice. Read Alexa Best Practices and Google Home Best Practices for our recommended procedure for creating and naming scenes.
Alexa Integration
No Alexa Integration
Google Home Integration
No Google Home Integration
 Compatible with HTD
Recommended for Simple Integration with Limited Features
*Our recommended plugin for Vera appears to have broken with the last update. We are working on a solution. If you are new to home automation, please consider HomeSeer.
Website: Voice Control: Alexa - YES, Google Home - NO. Recommended Hub: VeraPlus. Capabilities: Scenes, Timed Events, and more. HTD Plugin: Free. Download Instructions.
Recommended for More Complex Integration & Customization
Website: Voice Control: Alexa – YES, Google Home – YES. Scenes, Timed Events, IFTTT, and more. HTD Plugin: $39. Download Instructions.
Website: No monthly fee. Voice Control: Alexa – YES, Google Home – YES. Capabilities: Scenes, Timed Events, IFTTT, and more. HTD Plugin: Works only with the ISY 994 with the network module. Note: This solution has not yet been tested by HTD, but has been confirmed by several ISY 994 users. Click here to be taken to the ISY994 community support page for further information.
Website: Control4 System/Controller required. Alexa – YES, Google Home – YES. Scenes, Timed Events, IFTTT, and more. HTD Driver: Contact HTD for information. In some cases the driver can be provided for free, but customization may include additional fees.
Website: Hub: Requires CasaTunes CT-2 or better. Alexa – YES, Google Home – Not Yet. Scenes, Timed Events. Driver: Free if you own a CasaTunes CT-2 or better (Lync ONLY).