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NEW!  Only for Lync systems. The Flexible Input Panel (FLIP) provides an input point for a digital or analog stereo audio source. Install a FLIP at convenient locations throughout your home such as behind TVs, desks or nightstands. You can also install a FLIP near the central equipment when you need more inputs than the five already provided by the Lync 6 and Lync 12.

Connect the audio output from your device (TV, computer, music player, etc.) to either the digital optical or 3.5mm analog stereo input and that device can now be selected as a source to be heard in any zone.

The FLIP connects via a Cat 5 or higher cable directly to the Central Lync Controller or to an open RJ45 port on the back of a LyncTouch.

Digital and Analog cables not included.

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One of the features that sets Lync apart from other whole-house audio systems is the ability to easily connect audio sources, not only at the central location, but also at convenient connection points spread throughout the home.
You can add analog, digital, or wireless Bluetooth input locations throughout your home. The sources you connect to any of these input panels are then available to all zones in your home.
The Flexible Input Panel (FLIP), Analog Input Panel (AIP), and Bluetooth Input Panel (BIP) can be connected directly to the central Lync controller or to the back of a LyncTouch using standard Cat 5 or higher cable.
The FLIP, AIP, and BIP get their power from the centrally located Lync 6 or Lync 12 over the same, single Cat cable that connects the device into the Lync system.

Set the switch on the FLIP to use either the digital or analog input.  In most cases, this is a set-it-and-leave-it setting. However, it is possible to connect one analog and one digital source at the same time and “flip” between the two as needed.  Only the source selected is available to the Lync system.

When connecting a TV to the digital input on this device, set your TV audio output format to PCM stereo.
Only one FLIP, AIP, or BIP can be connected to each zone.
Please read the Owner's Manual or contact us if you need further clarification.

Owner's Manual

Lync Owner's Manual (6.3 MB PDF)

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