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This is a wider version of our single-gang LyncTouch touchscreen and keypad controller.  Select this model to cover a double-gang opening or when you'd like to add one or both of the following unique options:

  • Add an auxiliary source input right on the face of the LyncTouch. This 3.5mm input jack is used in place of adding our optional Standard Input Panel.
  • Add an Infrared Eye. This IR eye can be used to pass IR signals to the central location to control centrally located equipment from within the zone. Note: the eye is NOT used to control the LyncTouch itself.

Install LyncTouch with Double Gang Face Plate

Install LyncTouch Double Gang with Aux Input and IR Eye

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Patent No. U.S.11,437,755

LyncTouch-D (double-gang) includes a wider faceplate that covers the opening of a double-gang size mud-ring or junction box. The extra space available on this faceplate also provides the opportunity to add a couple of nice features:

  • Add a 3.5mm input jack instead of installing a Standard Input Panel somewhere else in the room. This feature connects to the same white 5-pin connector on the back of the LyncTouch-D so you cannot include this 3.5mm input and also connect a Standard Input Panel. You must choose one or the other.
  • Add an Infrared Eye. This IR eye can be used to pass IR signals to the central location to control centrally located equipment from within the zone. This eye is NOT used to control the LyncTouch itself. Please note: the IR eye connects to the open RJ45 port on the back of the LyncTouch-D which prevents the ability to daisy-chain a second LyncTouch, Analog Input Panel (AIP), Digital Input Panel (DIP), or Bluetooth Input Panel (BIP).

Please visit the HTD Channel on YouTube for a video showing how to install the LyncTouch-D with or without these optional features.

As the name implies, LyncTouch is controlled mostly using a touch screen. There are only three physical buttons providing a minimalist aesthetic that easily blends with nearly every décor.

Key Features of LyncTouch:

  • Single gang, minimalist aesthetic, available in White, Black, and Light Almond
  • Brilliant, multi-color 3.5” diagonal, HVGA touch screen
  • Select source, adjust volume, mute, control the built-in MP3 player, place the zone in “Do Not Disturb” mode, quickly turn on all zones to the same source for “Party” mode
  • Set treble, bass, and balance for the zone
  • Select a unique color scheme and separately set the brightness of the screen when active and in sleep mode (including the option for the screen to be completely dark)
  • Three physical buttons for common controls:
    • Button 1- power on/off, mute, power off all zones
    • Button 2- create a unique “favorite” for every LyncTouch. A single touch can turn on the zone, select your favorite source, and set volume to a predefined level
    • Button 3- press to talk (intercom) with all zones or any single zone
  • Use Cat cable to easily connect an inexpensive Standard Input Panel (sold separately) to the back of the LyncTouch, providing an inexpensive audio input conveniently located within the zone
  • Add a Decora-style Infrared (IR) receiving eye (sold separately) anywhere in the room and connect it to the back of the LyncTouch using Cat cable.  IR signals can then be passed-through the Lync 6 or Lync 12 to control your IR-based equipment that is centrally located
  • Can be daisy-chained with Cat cable to another LyncTouch, Analog Input Panel, Digital Input Panel, or Bluetooth Input Panel (each sold separately) in the same zone
  • Designed to quickly and easily mount firmly against the wall without any visible screws or seams
    Patent pending
  • Please note that some features of LyncTouch, such as the ability to force another zone to power on when using intercom, will only work when used with a version 3 (V3) central Lync Controller.

Owner's Manual

Lync Owner's Manual (6.3 MB PDF)

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