Audio Input Panels for Lync Systems

Input panels provide a convenient way to connect audio sources spread throughout your home. The audio from each source is then available to be selected for any zone in your Lync system.

The Standard Input Panel (SIP) is a passive analog input that must connect to a LyncTouch using 5 conductors in a Cat 5e or better cable. The FLIP, AIP, and BIP are active devices that are powered by the central Lync 6 or Lync 12 controller. These three input panels can be connected via Cat 5e or better cable to the back of a LyncTouch keypad or directly to a Keypad Port on the back of a Lync 6 or Lync 12 central controller.

TIP: While input panels can be used to connect any audio source, they are very often used for getting TV audio into the Lync system. Some TVs include an analog output and others a digital audio output. The FLIP is the best solution when you are not sure what your TV provides as it will accomodate both types.

Please note that only one input panel should be connected per zone.