IR "Mouse" Emitter


Use this single Infra-Red (IR) mouse emitter to pass IR signals to one IR component.  This emitter works with our MC-66, MCA-66, and Lync whole-house audio controllers and the IR-BLOCK4 distribution block.

The emitters will "flash" while transmitting IR data, helping you setup and confirm your IR distribution system is working correctly.

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If your Infra-Red (IR) components are located in a closet or behind cabinet doors, you can still control them with the use of an IR distribution system, which typically consists of one IR "block", one IR "eye", and multiple IR "emitters".  One emitter is necessary for every component you would like to control.

Position the IR receiving "eye" in line of sight of your remote control. Connect the "eye" to an IR distribution block that is located with the hidden components. Emitters are connected to the distribution block and placed in front of the components you'd like to control.

Please note that our mid-level and advanced whole-house audio systems have IR distribution already built-in.  Each keypad includes an IR eye, and we supply several emitters with each of our whole-house audio packaged sets.


  • Cable Length: 3 meters ( ~10 feet)
  • Connector type: 3.5mm (male)
  • IR frequency: 56 kHz


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