MC-66 Multi-Zone Controller


Our MC-66 is a 6-source, 6 zone controller. Add a 12-channel amp and KC6 or KC7 keypads for a feature rich, great sounding system.  Each zone independently selects the source it wants to hear.

This controller is easy to install and is amazingly affordable considering all of the features, including:

  • Stylish backlit keypads, model KC6 or KC7 (sold separately)
  • Variable AND Fixed ouputs for every zone 
  • IR control and pass-through
  • Party mode (turn all zones on/off from any keypad)
  • Tone control (bass, treble, balance) for each zone
  • And much more . . .

Add a WGW-SL1 to wirelessly control via smart phone or tablet.

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The MC-66 is the most affordable whole-house audio controller available that includes these features and this high level of build-quality. Add a KC6 or KC7 keypad into each zone and/or use our MC App to send and receive signals to and from the controller.

Use the pre-amp outputs in each zone to connect to one of our multi-channel amplifiers and easily connect up to four 8-ohm speakers into any zone. Use the "variable" outputs to allow volume control from the keypads or app. Use the "fixed" outputs in combination with additional amplifier channels and in-line volume controls to achieve independent volume control of speakers added to as many sub-zones as you need. You can also use the fixed outputs to send the source selected in a zone into your existing stereo or home theater receiver.

If you need more than six unique zones, simply add an additional MC-66, multi-channel amplifier and keypads. In fact, there really is no limit to the number of zones achievable with this system.

The MC-66 makes it easy to control the audio ambience throughout different zones in your home. A whole-house audio system will add value to your home and with our low direct pricing, it's an especially good investment.

30-day guarantee; 2-year warranty


  • 6 stereo zones
  • 6 stereo source inputs
  • Pre-amp outputs (switchable between Fixed and Variable) for each zone
  • KC6 and KC7 Keypads (sold separately) connect via Cat-5 cable and RJ-45 connectors
  • (3) IR emitter outputs - use 3 dual emitters (sold separately) to control up to 6 sources
  • IR signals sent to the Keypads are passed through the MC-66 via the 3 IR emitter outputs
  • (1) IR input for connecting an IR receiving eye (sold separately) directly to the MC-66 (for passing IR signals out the IR emitter outputs)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 4" x 17" x 8"
  • Weight (per piece): 10 lbs
  • Includes detachable power cable


Owner's Manual

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