2-to-1 Cat cable adapter


Cat cable adapter for connecting two devices to a single port on a central controller (MC-66, MCA-66, Lync 6, or Lync 12).

Note: as an alternative to "home-running" two Cat cables for the same zone, it is usually easier and cheaper to simply home-run one cable from one device, and "daisy-chain" the second device using the open port on the back of the first device. This is allowed with all of our systems. But if your only option is using two home-run cables for the same zone, this adapter is the perfect solution.

When connecting more than one KC6 or KC7 keypad to a single zone on the MC-66 or MCA-66: Each keypad must be uniquely identified by having a unique combination of jumpers located on the back of the keypad. Either: 1) both in, 2) both out, 3) left in/right out, or 4) right in/left out.

When connecting multiple LyncTouch and/or Input Panels (models FLIP, BIP, or AIP) into the same zone at the central location: Each device must be uniquely identified. The address for the LyncTouch should be set to 3 or 4 (default); each input panel should be set with just one jumper, either the left or right position.

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