CBL-BN2 Dual Banana Plug


Use a high-end dual banana-plug to securely connect to the back of any speaker or amplifier that uses 5-way binding posts spaced 3/4" apart.  Banana plugs are used primarily for convenience since it is usually easier to connect cable first to a banana plug and then to the speaker or amplifier, as opposed to connecting directly to the speaker or amplifier (sometimes referred to as a "bare wire" connection).

Dual banana plugs can be used on all of our Cabinet Speakers and Amplifiers (do not use with MCA-66).  Banana plugs are not used to attach speaker cable to any of our in-wall/in-ceiling speakers or volume controls.

Cable is secured by hand tightening; no tools required.

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Available only in black.
Simply hand tighten to securely attach bare speaker wire inside "eye"
Holds up to 10 gauge speaker cable
Color-coded for easy identification of positive (red) and negative (black) wires
Can be stacked for easy parallel connection of multiple pairs of speakers
Standard 3/4" distance between posts

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