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July 1, 2022 10:23:53 AM PDT July 1, 2022 10:23:53 AM PDTst, July 1, 2022 10:23:53 AM PDT

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The new "HTD Home Audio" app is currently available for iOS beta testing with Lync systems only.

We anticipate releasing the new "Home Audio" app for Android for Lync systems in November, 2022 followed closely for use with MC-66 and MCA-66 systems on both platforms.

What you should know before downloading the "Home Audio" app (please read!):

The “Home Audio” app has a similar look and feel to the “Lync” app along with some enhancements, but the coding behind it is key as it will allow us to better manage future updates.

The “Home Audio” app uses a new, more secure cloud backup system hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Data from the “Lync” app will not transfer to the “Home Audio” app. While we recommend switching to the new app, please be aware that you will need to reenter zone and source names and recreate groups and presets. We apologize for this initial inconvenience, but it was necessary for us to create a more robust backup/restore feature. Curious how it works? Download this PDF outlining the steps to back up custom settings from one device and restore those same settings to a different device.

Before installing the "Home Audio" app, you need to delete the "Lync" app and all of its data from your device in order to avoid communication issues with the central controller. Before deleting the Lync app, we recommend taking screen shots of zone names, source names, groups, and presets should you need to reference them while setting up the "Home Audio" app. If you haven't previously, we also recommend using Backup 1 or Backup 2 in System Settings should you need to return to the "Lync" app.

To customize the “Home Audio” app, you will need to enter the same initial unlock code we provided when you first purchased your system. If you are not able to locate that code, please Contact Us using the same email address used to purchase the system and with the subject “App Unlock Code” and we can help.

We have tested the new app extensively, but as with most software, when launched across multiple devices with various configurations, there are certain to be issues we need to address. Please use the Feedback tab in the “Home Audio” app or Contact Us with any ideas, issues or concerns you may have.

If your "Lync" app auto-updated between June 30 and July 2 . . .

Rather than being released as a unique app, the "Home Audio" app was inadvertently released to the public on June 30, 2022 as an update to the “HTD Lync” app. This was corrected by Apple within 48 hours. If your HTD Lync app was set to auto-update AND you used the app between June 30 and July 2, it is likely you experienced this glitch. Any custom settings you previously backed up using the “Lync” app will continue to be available to restore to the "Lync" app. Similarly, any custom settings backed up using the "Home Audio" app will be available to restore to the "Home Audio" app. As highlighted above, it is not possible to restore settings from one app to the other.

The "Home Audio" app will auto-discover our gateway on the vast majority of home networks. If you are experiencing any difficulty with the new app discovering and connecting to your system, please click here.