Lync App

Use our free HTD Lync app for total control of your Lync 6 or Lync 12 system.

Our Lync app, available for iOS and Android, offers the best way to control an individual zone, group of zones, or the entire home from all of your smart devices.  It is compatible with Lync 6 and Lync 12. The Lync app uses your existing WiFi network to communicate directly with your HTD central controller.  No internet connection is required and it supports up to 8 concurrent users.

Quickly access and control what you want.

Monitor and control all zones from a single system status page or drill into an individual zone for additional control.  Use single button presses to quickly mute/un-mute all zones, power off all zones, or power on all zones to their previous state.

Add shortcuts to popular apps like Spotify, Apple Music, Alexa, and Pandora.

If you've connected a music streamer, such as a SONOS Port, Echo Dot, AudioCast, Chromecast or Airplay device to your Lync system, you'll benefit from configuring up to four shortcut buttons from a list of 50+ popular music services and apps.  Shortcuts make it easy to toggle between what you want to hear and where you want to hear it.

Customize your whole-house audio system.

Enter unique zone names and source names for both the app and keypads.  Uniquely set treble, bass, and balance for every zone.  Hide zones and sources you don't want to appear in the app. For Lync 6v3 and Lync 12v3, also easily hide sources from appearing on keypads on a per zone basis.

Create zone groups.

Create groups of zones such as "Common Areas", "Kids' Rooms", and "Outdoor Areas" to set a common source, set a common volume, relatively control volume across all zones within the group, mute/un-mute or power off zones.

Create an unlimited number of audio "scenes".

Create audio scenes called presets that set up one or more zones in your home with a single button press. For every zone, set power on/off, source, volume, and DND (Do Not Disturb). Imagine pressing a single button to execute multiple commands at once for "Entertain", "Casual Listening", "Morning Wake-up", or "End of Day".

Customize everyone's experience!

After customizing the app on your first phone or tablet, you can save those settings to one of two profiles stored in our free cloud (internet connection required) and then use those profiles as a starting point to quickly set up additional devices. From there, each smart phone or tablet can be customized with its own set of Groups and Presets.  You can also limit the zones and sources available to each smart device and then "lock" the device with a 4-digit security code.  Great for kids and guests!

What does it cost?

The HTD Lync app is available for free in Google Play and the Apple App Store.

How easy is it to set up?

Automatic system detection with most Wi-Fi networks has you using the app in under a minute. A simple, one-time process for manually configuring the app to your system is also provided. No username or password is required.

Is special hardware required?

All of our current, pre-configured Mid-Level and Advanced (Lync) Whole House Audio sets include the gateway necessary for the app to communicate with the central controller over your home's existing WiFi network.  If you have an older Lync, MC, or MCA controller you will need to add either our GW-SL1 or WGW-SL1 gateway.