14 Gauge, 4-Conductor Direct Burial Speaker Cable


Add soundscape to your landscape! We make it easy with our weather-resistant outdoor speakers and this speaker cable that can be buried without the need for cumbersome PVC piping.

Our direct-burial cable is made of 14 gauge tinned 99.99% oxygen-free copper and includes a CL3-rated double-wall outer-jacket that is UL listed and 13mm in diameter.  This cable will last a lifetime with minimal sound degradation.

Also works great for marine installations.

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Run this 4-conductor cable (+ and - for Left; + and - for Right) to a pair of speakers by running one cable to the first speaker and then continuing to the second. At the first speaker, you will strip back the outer protective jacket to reveal all four conductors inside. Then, cut and strip two of the conductors for the first speaker (+ and -). The other two cables continue (uncut) to the end of the cable to be stripped and connected to the second speaker.

You can also use just two conductors to connect two 8 ohm speakers (all HTD speakers are 8 ohm) in parallel when powered by a single amplifier channel that is stable at 4 ohms (all HTD amplifiers are stable with a 4 ohm load).  Similarly use the other two conductors for two more speakers connected in parallel and to a separate amp channel.  In this way, you can connect four speakers using this one cable.

We use 81 strands of 99.99% oxygen free copper for each conductor for superior sound fidelity.  Each strand is coated in tin through a process called "hot dipping".  Tin adds strength, enhances conductivity, and most importantly resists water corrosion.  While more expensive, it is a prudent investment that will last a lifetime.

Each conductor is surrounded by a color-coded PVC insulator (typically use red for positive; black for negative for LEFT; white for positive and green for negative for RIGHT).  The four conductors are held together and protected by a black PVC insulator.  An even tougher black PVC outer jacket protects and completes the entire cable. We also include a slick white powder between the insulators to make removing the jacket very easy.

General Information about Speaker Cables:

Speaker cable is made of individual strands of copper that are twisted together to result in the cable's thickness, or gauge. The lower the gauge, the thicker the cable, e.g. 14 gauge is thicker than 16 gauge. Generally speaking, thicker cable will result in less signal loss over a given length. We recommend using 14 gauge cable because it offers the best performance to cost ratio for long cable runs. While using even thicker cable will, in theory, produce less signal loss, the difference is so insignificant that your ears will likely not be able to tell the difference.

It is also important to know the number of individual strands that are used to produce the overall gauge. Electrons will follow the path of least resistance which tends to be on the surface area of the copper. So the more individual strands used, the greater the available surface area, and thus less signal loss. Typical 14 gauge "speaker" cable that you find at home improvement stores and even some consumer electronics stores is manufactured with a strand count of 16. In contrast, our HTD direct-burial cable utilizes 81 individual strands of 99.99% oxygen free copper. Some popular cable manufacturers also use this high strand count but they will cost you about double our prices simply because they sell through distributors and retailers.

With the recent rise in the price of copper (due to strong worldwide demand), the amount you'll spend wiring your home and landscape for sound has become a significant part of your home audio budget. Choosing HTD speaker cable gets you the quality you need at a price that won't break your budget.


  • 14 AWG (American Wire Gauge)
    Outside Diameter: 13mm
  • 4 conductors (+ and - for Left; + and - for Right) for connecting two speakers (or two sets of two 8 ohm speakers connected in parallel for a total of four speakers)
  • 81 individual strands of tinned 99.99% oxygen free copper for each conductor
  • Conductors are color-coded in order to easily maintain polarity
  • Dual CL3-rated protective outer jacket with UV protection
  • "Slick" powder between insulators for easy removal of protective jacket


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