Hybrid Wireless System

Decentralized Whole-House Audio

New!  Combine a ceiling-mounted Alexa device (sold separately) with a stereo amplifier that includes Auto-Detect and Switch (ADS) in every room. All that's left is to add your choice of in-ceiling or in-wall speakers.
We call this a Hybrid-Wireless system because cables are run locally within a zone, but those zones can be grouped together wirelessly when needed to play music in sync throughout the home. It is a great option for both new and existing homes where it's not feasible to run cable to a central location but it is possible to run cable within the ceiling or wall of the room. The result is the performance and aesthetic of a high-end amplifier and in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, with the bonus of a Voice Assistant installed in the room's optimal location . . . the ceiling and center of the room!
Music streaming - Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, SiriusXM, iHeart Radio and more
Alexa is impressive at answering your questions, setting alarms, and even controlling home automation devices by voice. But the Alexa Dot is also a great device for streaming audio! Music services are continuously added and updated. Our solution gets the audio from the Dot and transports it into a much higher-end sound system.
Always hear Alexa, even when you're listening to something else
In addition to the Alexa device, you can connect one other source with a variable analog output such as a gaming system, TV, or media player. With the amplifier's Auto-Detect and Switch (ADS) feature, the amplifier will always give Alexa's responses and music streaming priority before returning to the second source.
Listen to the same audio, in sync, in multiple rooms
Control each room separately or use the Alexa app to group multiple Alexa devices together in order to play a common music service at the same time. Volume can be controlled independently or as a group.  Easily expand your system, adding great audio performance and a voice assistant wherever it's needed.
A powerful amp in a compact size
40 watts X 2 into 8 ohms, or 70 watts X 2 into 4 ohms means you can connect one or two pairs of 8 ohm speakers and achieve more than enough volume, even in large rooms. And the amplifier's small size means you can easily hide it on a bookshelf, under a bed, in a nightstand, or behind a TV.
Buy 4, get the 10-pair price!
Purchase 4 or more Hybrid-Wireless kits and get the 10-pair price on all in-wall, in-ceiling, and outdoor speakers for life (we will adjust your first order before charging your card).
If you are building a new home and/or have the ability to run all of your cables to a central location, consider using a centralized multi-channel amplifier in place of multiple decentralized stereo amplifiers. The details are spelled out on our Alexa-Centric page.Confused about your Whole House Audio options? Check out our president's white paper.

Hybrid Wireless Zone Kit for Echo Input & Dot Gen 1, 2

PLA-240ADS amplifier plus Mount Kit for Echo Dot Gen 1&2

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Hybrid Wireless Zone Kit for Echo Dot 3rd Gen

PLA-240ADS amplifier plus Mount Kit for Echo Dot 3rd Gen

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Hybrid Wireless Zone Kit for Echo Dot 4th Gen

New! PLA-240ADS amplifier plus Mount Kit for Echo Dot 4th Gen

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