Level THREE sets the standard for quality construction and cutting-edge technology in an affordable speaker system. Cabinets are cut using computer-managed machines and made of quality 3/4" and 1" MDF with internal bracing to minimize unwanted cabinet resonance. We never use cheap imitation vinyl wraps, instead our cabinets are painted black with mid-gloss lacquer or expertly covered in gorgeous real wood veneers.

Level THREE speakers include the latest in component driver technology which blend together perfectly via a 3rd-order crossover. A tuned port with a 1/12 wave internal transmission line allows our speakers to produce more bass than other speakers of similar size. The only way to buy speakers of this caliber at this price is to buy direct from the manufacturer.

Level THREE Center Channel Speaker
$329.00 to $379.00

Never miss out on great dialogue.

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Level THREE Bookshelf Speakers
$479.00 to $549.00per PAIR

At just under 16" tall, this speaker satisfies your demand for high-end audio and keeps...

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Level THREE Tower Speakers
$1,099.00 to $1,199.00per PAIR

The ultimate full-range speaker at a mass market price.

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Level THREE Surround Speakers
$449.00 per PAIR

Treat your ears to a more immersive surround sound experience.

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Level THREE Powered Subwoofer
$599.00 to $649.00

Deep, controlled bass from a solid and beautiful cabinet. For dedicated theaters and large rooms....

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