Lync 12 V3 Set

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12 zone system with inputs for 6 centrally located audio sources + 1 source from within each zone, and a full-featured intercom in an affordable package.

Performance rich, yet easy to install
Lync provides hi-end sound from professional-grade equipment designed for easy installation. Just how easy is it to prepare your home for a Lync system? From a central location: 1) run speaker cable to each speaker 2) run Cat-5/6 cable to every location where you want to install a LyncTouch, and 3) from each LyncTouch, optionally run Cat 5/6 cable to a convenient source input location. That’s it. For future flexibility, or if you are not sure which brand of system you will install, run the speaker cable first to the keypad location and then on to the speakers. Not sure you can run all that cable? Click here to compare your whole-house audio options.
Local and Central Source Inputs
In addition to 6 centrally located sources, one source (your phone, TV, cable box, etc.) can also be plugged in within every zone for a total of 12 sources (Lync 6) or 18 sources (Lync 12). All of these sources are available to every zone in your home. With our app (it's free!), you can also block sources from being available to specific zones.
Enough power for a houseful of speakers; expandable as needed
Pre-packaged Lync systems include enough power for up to 4 speakers per zone. But if that’s not enough, both a variable and fixed output is provided for every zone so that you can easily add amplification for as many speakers as you need. Volume for these additional speakers is controlled as part of the main zone or independently through the use of rotary or slide-type volume controls.
Built-in Intercom
A full-featured intercom is built-in. Use the LyncTouch keypads to not only control a zone, but also to communicate on a global and zone-to-zone basis. Sound quality is outstanding since the audio you hear comes through the same speakers used for music, TV, and other audio sources.
Control with a LyncTouch or Smart Device
LyncTouch keypads can be installed in any room for control of a particular zone or to initiate global controls such as party mode and all-off. Use our free HTD Lync App installed on an iOS or Android device to control any and all zones. The app can be configured on a per-user basis to restrict zones and sources and to allow for customization of features such as Zone Groups and Presets. Presets allow you to create and save audio “scenes” that can be launched from a single press of a button.
Control with other popular apps
Already into home automation and the "Internet of Things"? Lync can be controlled by some popular platforms. Click here to learn more.
Buy a set, get the 10-pair price!
Purchase an HTD mid-level or advanced (Lync) whole-house audio system and get the 10-pair price on all in-wall, in-ceiling, and outdoor speakers for life.
Free expert support
The support you need … without “that grungy guy” traipsing all over your home. We get it- there are a lot of benefits to being a DIYer- saving money, better understanding your system so you’re not so dependent on the installer, etc. At HTD, being a DIYer doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Since our start in 1999, we have stood behind our products with five star customer support. So please, contact our experienced and trained support team. And if you’re in new construction- take advantage of our free Upload Your Plans service.
Get all the details
View or download the Lync Owner's Manual. Don't worry- we'll still send a hard copy with your order.