B-stock items are essentially items that we cannot sell as new. They include open-box items and items with slight cosmetic damage, including small scratches or dents. B-stock items perform exactly the same as brand new items and include our 30-day guarantee and 5-year Warranty on Speakers and 2-year warranty on Electronics.

B-Stock Lync 6 v3

B-Stock 6 zone, 12 source whole-house audio controller with intercom. Original Price: $799 Save 10%...

B-Stock Lync 12 v3

B-Stock 12 zone, 18 source whole-house audio controller with intercom.  The "brain" of the...

B-Stock DMA-1275 High Efficiency Multi-Channel Amplifier

B-Stock 65 Watts x 12 Channels (8 ohms) 100 Watts x 12 Channels (4 ohms)...

B-Stock DMA-1240

B-stock 40 Watts RMS x 12 Channels Original price: $699 Save 10%...

B-Stock Level THREE Tower Speakers
$679.00 per PAIR

B-stock  The ultimate full-range speaker at a mass market price.Original price $799 Save 15%...

B-Stock Level TWO Bookshelf Speakers
$186.00 per PAIR

B-Stock Awesome performance from a beautiful cabinet that is under one foot in height. Original...

B-Stock Level THREE Center Channel Speaker

B-Stock  Original Price: $209-$239 Save 15%...

B-Stock Level THREE Bookshelf Speakers
$297.00 per PAIR

B-Stock  Original price: $319-$349 Save 15%...

B-Stock DA-2125 Multi-Source, Stereo Digital Amplifier

B-Stock 125 Watts RMS x 2 Channels, 6 input sources Original Price: $329 Save 10%...

B-Stock IR Distribution Block
$30.00 EACH

Use your IR remotes to control equipment that is hidden from view....