Perfect for powering all of the speakers in your home or business. Each model provides 12 independent channels of amplification (6 stereo).

For traditional stereo and smaller multi-room applications. These amplifiers are also great "add-ons" for home theater receivers that include a second zone output.

Each of our HTD Powered Subwoofers includes one of these amplifiers. Here we offer them separately for the speaker-building hobbyist.

DA-2125 Multi-Source, Stereo Digital Amplifier

125 Watts RMS x 2 Channels, 6 input sources...

SZA-1, Sub-Zone Amplifier

20 Watts RMS X 2 Channels...

SZA-2, Sub-Zone Amplifier

NEW! 40 Watts RMS X 2 Channels...

DMA-1240 High Efficiency Multi-Channel Amplifier

40 Watts x 12 Channels (8 ohms)60 Watts x 12 Channels (4 ohms)...

DMA-1275 High Efficiency Multi-Channel Amplifier

65 Watts x 12 Channels (8 ohms)100 Watts x 12 Channels (4 ohms)with ICEpowerTM technology...


120 Watt subwoofer amplifier with digital design and analog power supply...


200 Watt subwoofer amplifier wiith ICEPowerTM digital technology...

2U Mounting Brackets
$18.00 PAIR

Set of mounting brackets for one 2U HTD component to fit standard 19" rack space....