On-wall / Soundbars

Versa is a family of On-Wall speakers that share the same acoustic and aesthetic concept. Unlike most thin-speaker designs which use a cheap plastic or metal enclosure, all of the speakers in the Versa line incorporate a sturdy MDF cabinet. Quality MDF, with its uniform density and resonant-limiting characteristics, is the material preferred by most high-end manufacturers of traditional cabinet speakers. The drivers selected for the Versa line are specifically engineered for low-volume cabinets and are typically only installed in much more expensive speakers.

The unique aesthetic design is both beautiful and customizable. The two wood "end caps" and wrap-around grille cloth "sock" can be replaced with alternatives that more perfectly blend with or compliment your room's decor. Choose from a colorful selection of end caps and socks we keep in stock, or paint your own pre-primed end caps and make your own sock from your own material to create a truly unique speaker.

The HTS1 is intended for dedicated theaters and large TVs with a diagonal viewing area of 60 inches or more. The SB1 is designed for smaller rooms or for use in the surround locations of larger rooms. The SB2 is a passive two-channel soundbar that is ideal for combining with one of our compact stereo amplifiers (often installed behind the TV) to dramatically improve your television's audio. And the SB3 is a passive three-channel soundbar that connects to your surround sound receiver.

Versa HTS1
$349.00 Each

Get tower-like performance from an On-Wall design that is less than 5" in depth (yet...

Versa SB1
$149.00 Each

Looking for stereo speakers or matching satellite speakers to complete your Versa Surround system? The...

Versa SB2
$249.00 Each

Need high quality stereo sound in a low-profile package? The Versa SB2 Soundbar is the...

Versa SB3
$329.00 Each

Finally, the high-performance soundbar you have been waiting for. Great 3-channel sound in a compact...

Versa HTS1 Sock

Grille cloth "sock" for the HTS1 to replace the black grille cloth originally included with...

Versa SB1 Grille Sock

Grille cloth "sock" for a single Versa SB1 to replace the black grille cloth originally...

Versa SB2/SB3 Grille Sock

Grille cloth "sock" for the SB2 and SB3 to replace the black grille cloth originally...

Versa SB End Caps
$20.00 to $25.00

New! Pair of end caps for a single Versa SB speaker to replace the...

Versa HTS1 End Caps
$20.00 to $25.00

New! Pair of end caps for the HTS1 to replace the glossy black caps...