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HD-R65AIM High Definition In-Ceiling Speakers
The HD-R65AIM is designed around a 6.5" aluminum cone woofer mounted at an 18 degree angle.  It includes upgraded components for rooms where sound is at a premium.
The 18 degree mounting angle makes this speaker ideal for rooms where the speakers need to be mounted in the ceiling and near a wall but where the sound needs to project into the room.  This is often the case with the front three speakers in a surround sound installation where the layout or aesthetic requires an in-ceiling versus in-wall installation.
The aluminum/ceramic tweeter, which can pivot an additional 15 degrees, provides excellent clarity and detail and is hidden behind the grille for a professional, flush-mount appearance. The +/-3dB switches on both the tweeter and woofer offer acoustical control to compensate for speaker positioning and room anamolies. Both the grille and frame can be painted to match your decor.

1 – 3$159.00
4 – 9$151.05
10 +$143.10
 Sold in Pairs; 1 = 1 pair
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The HD-R65AIM is an exceptional pair of in-ceiling speakers. It is ideal for use in most mid-sized rooms, both for home theater and for high quality whole-house audio. The 6.5" aluminum woofer produces warm mid and low frequencies and the aluminum/ceramic tweeter blends nicely to produce a clear and crisp sound. Aluminum is an ideal material because it is lightweight and yet extremely rigid. A light cone means the speaker is fast which is important for accuracy and detail; the more rigid the cone membrane the less the cone warps during movement, again resulting in a more accurate performance. The tweeter is specially bonded with a thin layer of ceramic which helps eliminate ringing and harshness often associated with other metal dome tweeters.

Like all of the speakers in our High Definition line, the HD-R65 includes an aimable tweeter that is recessed behind the grille. This allows the highest, most directional frequencies to be aimed at the primary listening area while allowing the speaker to maintain its flush-mount appearance. Tone is controlled through separate +/-3dB switches for both the high and low frequencies. This feature (normally found only on much more expensive speakers) allows you to customize the sound to your room and personal taste.

All of the speakers in our High Definition line are suitable for use in high moisture areas, such as bathrooms with showers and outdoors as long as the speaker is installed where it is not hit directly by rain. In addition to the rust-proof aluminum woofer and tweeter, the moisture-resistant design includes stainless steel screws, coated crossover parts, and a powder-coated aluminum grille that will not rust.

The speaker is easy to install and includes all mounting hardware, a template for cutting the hole, and an Owner's Manual with an installation guide and tips to ensure your speakers look and sound great for years to come. The grille and frame can be painted to match your decor.

All HTD speakers include a 5-year warranty and 30-day no-risk guarantee.
6.5" treated aluminum cone with butyl rubber surround for long life
1" ferrofluid cooled aluminum tweeter with ceramic coating
"Ball and Socket" tweeter can be aimed at listening area
Power handling: 100 watts RMS; 150 watts program
Frequency response: 50 Hz - 22 kHz
Quick-turn "dog ear" brackets for easy installation (no rough-in kit required)
Flush-mount grille and frame provides clean, professional appearance
+/- 3dB tweeter switch and +/- 3dB woofer switch help fine tune the speaker to your room and personal taste
Reinforced resonant-absorbing ABS polymer frame
Moisture-resistant design includes stainless steel screws, coated crossover parts, and a powder-coated aluminum grille that will not rust
Grille and frame can be painted to match any decor
Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 89dB
Dimensions: 10 3/4" diameter x 4 3/4" depth
Hole Cutout (diameter): 9 1/4" template included with speakers
Minimum install depth: 5"; Maximum wall thickness: 1 3/8"
Weight (per piece): 6 lbs

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