HTD Powered Subwoofers
Powered subwoofers are uniquely designed to reproduce only the lowest frequencies in both movies and music-only applications. A good powered subwoofer dramatically improves the impact and emotion of what you hear. But not all powered subwoofers deliver on this promise.

HTD powered subwoofers deliver with performance you would otherwise only find in much more expensive brands. We never use particle board or faux vinyl coverings as found in so many of today's speakers. Instead, we build our hi-end components into solid MDF wood with furniture-grade finishes of real wood veneer or mid-gloss black lacquer. We make hi-end audio affordable simply by selling our products only direct to consumers.

Level TWO Powered Subwoofer
Deep and punchy bass from a solid and beautiful cabinet. For living room theaters and medium to large dedicated theaters. 10" long-throw woofer, ICEpower® digital amplifier.
$359.00 – $399.00 

Level THREE Powered Subwoofer
Deep, controlled bass from a solid and beautiful cabinet. For dedicated theaters and large rooms. 12" long-throw woofer, ICEpower® digital amplifier.
$439.00 – $479.00 

Sub 80
Serious bass from a small, yet solid and beautiful cabinet. For small to medium rooms where space is at a premium. 8" long-throw woofer, SDA-100 digital amplifier.

HD In-Wall Powered Subwoofer

In-Wall Subwoofer with 10" long-throw driver, wood support braces, and SDA-100 digital amplifier.


Versa Sub
Versatile Design!  Place on-wall, in-wall, behind your screen, under a bed . . . even in-furniture.
$479.00 – $549.00