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Standard Bare Wire Connection

All of our Level THREE Bookshelf, Center, and Tower Speakers include two pairs of 5-way gold-plated binding post connections. Two pairs of binding posts allow for a standard connection (shown left) or a bi-wire or bi-amp connection (read more below). 5-way binding posts allow for your cable to be connected by either: 1. bare wire (shown left), 2. spade connectors, 3. pin connectors, 4. individual banana plugs, or 5. dual banana plugs (shown below).

About 75% of our customers connect using a standard connection and 25% prefer to bi-wire or bi-amp. With a standard connection, you simply run good quality 2-conductor cable to each speaker. The gold-plated jumpers (included and pre-installed with every Level THREE speaker) are kept in place to connect the top binding posts with the bottom binding posts. One of the two conductors is connected to the positive side and the other conductor is connected to the negative side. It is important that the cable run between each speaker and its amplifier channel maintain the same polarity, i.e. positive to positive and negative to negative. If two speakers are connected and one speaker is wired with reverse polarity (called "out of phase"), the sound from the two speakers will essentially cancel each other out.