Theater Bling

Theater Bling?!? I thought HTD was an audio company. What is the point of this category? Good question! We debated whether or not to even launch this page but after experiencing some frustration of our own with finding a quality backlit frame for the movie posters we wanted displayed near our office theater, we thought, "What the heck, lets design our own!"

By focusing on details and improving on the best of what already existed in the market place, we came up with a backlit frame that, despite its low cost, is a first-rate solution suitable for even the swankiest of home theaters.

We also know that many customers will prefer to make their own "poster frame" using an inexpensive TV and mounting it vertically. While the wide-screen ratio is not exactly the same as traditional movie posters, the trade-off is an ever-revolving catalog of poster images in place of the single, true-to-size print. The only problem? No one was making an affordable portrait-mount bracket . . . until now!

Portrait TV Bracket

Vertical / Portrait wall-mount bracket for a size 42" - 60" TV.  Convert a 46"...

Lumiboard™ Poster Display

Lumiboard™ backlight and matte black frame for displaying a 27" x 40" double-sided poster....