IR Distribution

Most audio/video components can be controlled via Infra-Red (IR). If you prefer to hide these components in a closet or behind cabinet doors, you can still control them with their factory's IR remotes.  Here's how:

Use an IR distribution block, IR eye, and IR emitters. Position the eye in a convenient, yet inconspicuous location and connect it to the IR distribution block that is located near the hidden components. Connect emitters to the distribution block and place the flashing part in front of the components you'd like to control. Now, simply point your IR remote controls at the eye and the IR signals are passed to the components.
Please note that all of our whole-house controllers (models MC-66, MCA-66, and Lync) already have the IR block functionality built-in. Keypad models KC6 and KC7 have an IR eye built-in; an IR eye adapter is available for LyncTouch. Several IR emitters are included with the MC systems.

Infra Red Panel (IRP)
$25.00 EACH

Wall-mounted infra-red (IR) receiving eye

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IR Distribution Block
$35.00 EACH

Use your IR remotes to control equipment that is hidden from view.

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IR "Mouse" Emitter
$6.00 EACH

Single Infra-Red (IR) "mouse" emitter with 3.5 mm (1/8") connector.  Emitter will visibly flash when...

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Dual IR "Mouse" Emitter
$9.00 EACH

Dual Infra-Red (IR) "mouse" emitters with 3.5 mm (1/8") connector.  Emitters will visibly flash when...

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$3.50 EACH

Adapter necessary to allow the IR-RX3-T to connect to MC-66 and MCA-66.

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