Alexa Centric

You can create a simple, yet powerful multi-zone audio system with in-wall and in-ceiling speakers centered around Amazon's Alexa. An Alexa device called the Echo Dot (purchased from Amazon) is used as both the source and volume control for each zone. A single zone can consist of multiple rooms and/or multiple speakers. The concept works best for 4 or more zones. You can put together a similar setup for 1 to 3 zones by utilizing 1 to 3 of our PLA-240ADS stereo amplifiers in place of one of our 12-channel amplifiers. When cables cannot be run to a central location, please consider Hybrid Wireless
To create an Alexa-centric whole-house audio system you will need:

  • An Echo Dot - discretely installed in the ceiling or wall of every room using one of our proprietary Dot Kits and connected via a single Cat 5e (or higher) cable run to a central location
  • Speakers - installed in the ceiling or wall of every room, with speaker cable run back to the central location
  • A specialized multi-channel amplifier - located at the central location (model DMA-1240 or DMA-1240ADS)
The end result will allow you to:
  • Listen to a unique audio stream of music and podcasts in every zone, or any combination of zones. Take advantage of all of the streaming service content available through Alexa, including Spotify, Pandora, Prime Music, Apple Music and more.
  • Use Amazon's Fire TV to listen to TV audio, in sync with the video, through the speakers in a room or any combination of rooms
  • Issue commands and questions to Alexa and have her responses heard through the same speakers
  • Control each room independently or in groups using voice commands or apps on your smart phones and tablets
  • Take advantage of all of Alexa’s smart home and control features, including the ability to intercom between zones using “drop in”
  • Unique to amplifier model DMA-1240ADS: Add a second audio source to individual zones or combination of zones, but always give priority to Alexa’s voice responses and audio streaming. Note that these audio sources must have their own way to control volume, either manually, via an app, remote control, etc.
  • Unique to amplifier model DMA-1240ADS: Connect an Echo Dot to the master Override input and then pair it with your Ring video doorbell. Use the 6-pin dip switch to determine which zones hear the doorbell and other announcements. Then use the other Dots spread throughout the home to communicate back and forth with the front door.
What does it cost?
TOTAL BUDGET for a *6 ZONE system (including speakers) is approximately $2140-2980. Compare this with systems costing thousands of dollars more, often with fewer features, but which are more complex to install and operate. How this breaks down:
  • $1000-1200 - One of our 12-channel amplifiers plus six Dot Kits (sold below).
  • $30-50 each - Echo Dot (Gen 1, 2, or 3)
  • $60-80/room - Speaker cable and Cat cable (Cat 5e or Cat 6) for most homes
  • $100-200/room - The amount you spend on speakers is up to you, but typically budget this amount for one pair of speakers. Note: HTD amplifiers can readily handle 2 pairs per zone, and you can always add even more speakers into a single zone with the purchase of additional amp channels, e.g. add 2 amp chnanels with a PLA-240ADS or 12 additional channels with a second DMA-1240 or DMA-1240ADS.

*6 Zones shown for comparison only. Save with fewer than six zones; spend more for additional zones.
How to prepare your home:
  • Identify a central location for the amplifier. We recommend adding a power tree with surge protection with an outlet for the amplifier plus one outlet for each Echo Dot that will be installed throughout the home.
  • Run Cat 5e cable (Cat 6 or higher also works) from the central location to each mounted Dot Kit. This will be used to power the Echo Dot and simultaneously return its audio to the amplifier.
  • Run 2-conductor speaker cable that is UL approved for behind-the-wall installation (14 gauge or 16 gauge) from the central location to each speaker

DMA-1240 High Efficiency Multi-Channel Amplifier

40 Watts x 12 Channels (8 ohms) 60 Watts x 12 Channels (4 ohms)

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DMA-1240ADS Multi-Channel Amplifier

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Mount Kit for Echo Dot 1st Gen, 2nd Gen, or Echo Input (Alexa)

Install your Amazon Echo Input or Dot (Gen 1 & 2) in a ceiling or...

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Mount Kit for Echo Dot 3rd Gen (Alexa)

Install your Amazon Echo Dot, Gen 3 and hear Alexa through your own speakers

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