LyncTouch Keypad

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HTD is excited to announce the release of LyncTouch, a new touch-screen and keypad, wall-mount controller for use with all Lync whole-house audio systems.

LyncTouch is about the size of a typical light switch and requires a dedicated single-gang space. LyncTouch can be installed in most existing single gang, open-back junction boxes or with a post-construction mud-ring.

As the name implies, LyncTouch is controlled mostly using a touch screen. There are only three physical buttons providing a minimalist aesthetic that easily blends with nearly every décor.

Key Features of LyncTouch:

  • Single gang, minimalist aesthetic, available in White, Black, and Light Almond
  • Brilliant, multi-color 3.5” diagonal, HVGA touch screen
  • Select source, adjust volume, mute, control the built-in MP3 player, place the zone in “Do Not Disturb” mode, quickly turn on all zones to the same source for “Party” mode
  • Set treble, bass, and balance for the zone
  • Select a unique color scheme and separately set the brightness of the screen when active and in sleep mode (including the option for the screen to be completely dark)
  • Three physical buttons for common controls:
    • Button 1- power on/off, mute, power off all zones
    • Button 2- create a unique “favorite” for every LyncTouch. A single touch can turn on the zone, select your favorite source, and set volume to a predefined level
    • Button 3- press to talk (intercom) with all zones or any single zone
  • Use Cat cable to easily connect an inexpensive Standard Input Panel (sold separately) to the back of the LyncTouch, providing an inexpensive audio input conveniently located within the zone
  • Add a Decora-style Infrared (IR) receiving eye (sold separately) anywhere in the room and connect it to the back of the LyncTouch using Cat cable.  IR signals can then be passed-through the Lync 6 or Lync 12 to control your IR-based equipment that is centrally located
  • Can be daisy-chained with Cat cable to another LyncTouch, Analog Input Panel, Digital Input Panel, or Bluetooth Input Panel (each sold separately) in the same zone
  • Designed to quickly and easily mount firmly against the wall without any visible screws or seams
    Patent pending
  • Please note that some features of LyncTouch, such as the ability to force another zone to power on when using intercom, will only work when used with a version 3 (V3) central Lync Controller.