Smart Stereo JAD-A25


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The SZA-2A compact stereo amplifier includes inputs for two stereo sources- one is primary and the other secondary. Connect a Dot to the primary input and any time you ask Alexa a question, the amp will automatically switch to that source immediately upon receiving Alexa's response. You can also stream music through the Dot using Amazon Music as well as your Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and TuneIn accounts. More services are likely to follow.


Connect the audio from another device, such as a TV, media player, or gaming system to the secondary source input and the amp will automatically switch back after Alexa goes quiet. A dial on the back of the amp allows you to set the delay time for returning to the secondary input to anywhere from half a second to several minutes.


Volume is set one time on the amplifier and then controlled for each input source using your source’s volume control. E.g. use your TV’s variable volume control (must have a TV with a variable analog output) for any source connected to the TV, and adjust Alexa’s volume manually at the Dot or by voice, saying “Alexa, volume 8”.


The compact SZA-2A amplifier, when combined with an Amazon Echo Dot and your favorite pair of speakers, opens up a bunch of possibilities to enhance your audio experience. Here are a few suggestions for how to use your smart stereo kit:


As your primary stereo system. Think of this solution as a so-called "smart speaker" on steroids. You get a more powerful amplifier, your choice of quality speakers that you can spread apart for better coverage and stereo imaging, and an option to add a source in addition to whatever the Dot has to offer.


As the perfect teenager stereo system. Most teens want something that performs more like a real stereo system than a plastic stand-alone “smart speaker”. In addition to the Dot, let them add whatever second source they’d like (phone, music streamer, game system, TV, etc.). And why is this a perfect system for you as well? Because you can always interrupt what they are listening to by “intercoming” into the room with Alexa’s “drop-in” feature. No more shouting to get their attention!


Stream the same source, in sync, into multiple smart-speaker kits. Use the Alexa app to stream the same source through all of your Dots simultaneously.


In addition to auto-switching all of the speakers to the Dot, the SZA-2A also includes an Auto-On feature. Use this option to “set and forget” the amplifier. When no source signal is detected from either source input, the amp will go into sleep mode drawing minimal power. When either source is detected, the amp will automatically power up and start playing that source.


More details and recommended uses are available on the SZA-2A page.