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The IR-RX3-T includes a 2 meter (6 foot) cable with three wires, pre-stripped, for easy connection.
Position the IR-RX3-T where it is convenient inside your room. You will aim your IR remote controls at the receiving eye. Place one IR emitter (sold separately) in front of each component you wish to control via infra-red. When you aim your IR remote control at the IR-RX3-T the signal is passed through the controller to each component.

This allows your equipment to be hidden inside a cabinet or closet.  Only the "peep-hole" needs to be installed where it can be seen.  And its style and shape allow it to "disappear" into the room's decor.

Note that the IR-RX3-T can accept an even wider frequency range (30-100kHz) than that of our other receiving eyes, including those built into each of our whole-house audio keypads.  This may allow the IR-RX3-T to pass signals to rare consumer equipment that cannot be controlled via the Keypads.


Cable Length: 2 meters (~6 feet)
Connector type: bare wire (pre-stripped and tinned)
IR frequency: 30 kHz - 100 kHz