B-Stock GW-SL1 Smart Gateway

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Setup is easy:
  • Connect the GW-SL1 to your home's existing WiFi router using standard Cat5/6 cable. (Note: if a network connection is not easily accessible via a Cat5/6 cable but you have a good wifi signal near your equipment, you will need to purchase the WGW-SL1 instead.)
  • Using the included RS-232 patch cable, connect the GW-SL1 to the RS232 interface port on the back of your HTD Lync 6, Lync 12, MC-66, or MCA-66 whole-house audio controller.
  • After you have been assigned a free Valet Home Control account, download the Valet Home Control app from your favorite app store and sign in.
  • Under "General Settings", select "Gateway Setup" and press "Sync".  Choose the name of the handset (smart device) you are setting up.
  • Select your HTD whole-house controller under the "Devices" tab and tap to connect it to the HTD RS232 gateway.  Please note that the HTD RS232 gateway will only appear if the GW-SL1 was successfully connected to your wifi network.

Questions? - toll free 866-483-2834, extension 223

You are now ready to use your smart device and your home's wifi network to wirelessly :
  • Assign custom names to Zones and Sources that will be displayed in the app.  With Lync, you can separately determine how these names should appear on LyncPads.
  • Adjust and save the treble, bass, and balance for every zone
  • On a single "System Status" page, view the current status of all zones at a glance and make adjustments to power, source and volume on a per zone basis
  • Select a single zone for additional control features
  • Create and save "Groups" of zones such as "Common Areas" or "Kids' Rooms"
  • Create and save an unlimited number of "Presets" that remember your favorite settings for any combination of zones and sources.  Examples "Entertain at Soft Volume", "Turn off all Kids' Zones", etc.
  • Power On/Off all zones or a Group of zones
  • and much more!
With Lync, there are two fields available for every Source and Zone name.  One field controls what is displayed on all Lyncpads and the other determines what is displayed within the app and is unique to each handset (smart phone, tablet, etc).

Please note that the GW-SL1 is NOT an audio/video streaming device.  Its purpose is to allow control of the system from a smart device.