EZ-RJ45 Tips

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RJ45 tips are the standard connection method for most networking cable and is the same standard we use for connecting our Keypads and many of our whole-house accessories to our central whole-house controllers.

The EZ-RJ45 Tips and EZ-RJ45 Crimper use a patented method for easily adding RJ45 tips to the ends of Cat cable. While the EZ crimper and tips are more expensive than standard crimpers and tips, the time saved with this method is usually well worth the extra money.

The EZ method allows the individual strands found in the Cat cable to be pushed all the way through the end of the unique EZ tips.  The EZ method thus allows you to easily confirm the order of the 8 strands going into the tip before you crimp the tip permanently to the cable.  So not only is this method quicker, it also saves time and frustration as you avoid working with a cable that has been incorrectly terminated.

We have not found a better method for terminating your Cat cable.  Highly recommended.

Please note: Cat 6 cable has slightly thicker (lower gauge) individual strands than Cat 5 cable.  It is important that you select the correct tip for your Cat cable.  HTD whole-house systems work just as well with Cat 5 (and Cat 5e) cable as they do with the more expensive Cat 6 (and beyond) cable.