Dual Stereo Balun (in-wall)

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Just connect one or two source devices to a Balun at one end of the Cat5 or Cat6 cable, then connnect your whole-house audio controller or receiver to a Balun at the other end. The signal is sent without noise or electrical interference over a distance up to 500 feet.
One Balun is required at each end of the Cat5 or Cat6 cable. You can use two of these units or you can mix one of these units with another HTD balun model.
Best Practice: Run an extra Cat5 or Cat6 cable between your home theater receiver location and your whole-house audio equipment location (if they are not the same).  Because our baluns provide for TWO stereo signals, you can use one stereo input to send audio from the home theater receiver into the whole-house system, and you can use the other stereo input to send audio in the opposite direction from the whole-house system into the home theater receiver.  In this way, all of the sources connected to the home theater receiver are available to the whole-house audio system, and the source selected for a nearby zone becomes a source available to the home theater receiver and the speakers connected to it.


  • 2 RCA-type stereo connections for sending one or two line level signals across Cat5 or Cat6
  • No separate power supply necessary for distances up to 500 feet
  • Use two BALUN-RCA2-IW (one at each end) or combine with other another HTD balun model