Upload Your Plans


Uploading your plans will automatically create a case that is assigned to one of our expert customer support reps. Your case number will be emailed to you immediately. Please contact us during normal business hours and reference this case number to discuss your plans.

To accelerate the plan submission process, we suggest that you answer the following questions in the message section below.

  • Which whole house audio system are you interested in (Basic, Mid-level, Lync, don't know)?
  • In which room(s) do you plan to install a home theater/surround sound system?
  • In which rooms/areas would you like to have stereo sound?
  • At what stage of construction is your home? (New construction/Remodel/Upgrade Existing System)
  • For whole house audio, have speaker cables and Cat5 cables (for keypads) already been run to a central location?  If so, please identify the central location.
  • Is it possible for you to run additional cable?

Please upload your file in PDF format.

If you need to upload more than one file (PDF), attach just one file here. We will respond with an email. Attach the remainder of the files to that email and reply back to us.