6 Quick Steps for installing our MP line of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers

You will need the following tools:

After checking for stud locations and confirming there are no obstructions hidden behind the wall, position the cardboard template (round template for ceiling speakers and rectangular template for inwall speakers) and trace along the inside edge.

Cut along the traced line using a drywall saw or rotary drill. A utility knife will also work but is more difficult to control for beginners. MP-step2.gif

Run the cable into place leaving an extra two feet to make connections to the speaker easy. Strip back approximately 1/2 inch of the speaker cable insulation and twist the copper wires tightly. Then, on the back of the speaker, press down on the push-pin terminals to reveal the "eye" and insert the speaker cables maintaining correct polarity (positive to positive; negative to negative). Release the push-pin terminals to lock the cables in place. MP-step4.gif

Position the speaker into the hole directly against the insulation. Rolled-in insulation acts like damping material to improve acoustics.

Make sure the dog-ear mounting brackets are loose and turned inward before placing the speaker in the wall.

Tighten the dog-ear brackets by simply turning the screws in the speaker's front baffle.

Use a Phillips head screwdriver to turn the screws slowly clockwise. The quick-turn mounting system and frame will "sandwich" or clamp around the wall to hold the speaker securely in place. Do not overtighten.

Aim the swivel tweeter to the center of the listening area. Before replacing the grille, listen to the speaker with the +/- tweeter switch in each position to determine what sounds best to you.

Press in the grille. The frame and grille can also be painted to match your decor.

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