How do I use the intercom with my Lync system?

The Lync whole-house audio system includes an integrated point to point intercom. Use the Zone buttons and the Talk button (shown below) to communicate with one or all zones.

Select a zone:
Use the Zone buttons (left or right) to select the zone you would like to contact. The display screen will display the phrase “Talk To:” followed by the name of the zone. By default, zones are named “Zone1, Zone 2, Zone 3...”. You can use the PC software to customize these names to match your home. Note: HTD can pre-program zone and source names for a nominal fee.

Talk to ALL Zones:
Along with the ability to communicate with each of the individual zones, the Lync system allows the user to talk to ALL zones at once. The process is the same as communicating with a single zone except that “ALL” is selected instead of an individual zone.

Talk Button:
Once the desired zone or “ALL” is selected, press and hold the Talk button and begin speaking. Note that the phrase “Talk To:” will be replaced by “Calling:”. Speak at normal voice volume and at a comfortable distance from the LyncPad. Note that the speakers within your zone are muted while the Talk button is depressed.

When pressing the talk button in one zone, the receiving zone(s) will behave as follows:
     A. Any audio being played within the “receiving” zone will be muted.
     B. The “receiving” zone’s LyncPad will change from its normal state to the intercom state. That is, the LyncPad will now display the phrase “Calling:” along with the name of the zone that initiated the call.
     C. The receiving zone’s LyncPad is now automatically set to communicate with the zone that initiated the call. Simply press and hold the Talk button to respond.

DND and the LyncPad power Status:
If a zone is in DND (Do Not Disturb) mode, it will not be interupted by the intercom feature. The zone initating the call will see “DND” displayed below the zone name and will be unable to contact that zone. Similarly, if the LyncPad within a zone is currently powered off, the word “OFF” will be displayed below the zone name and you will not be able to contact that zone.

Intercom volume:
The Lync system intercom feature has been designed such that the volume output is a fixed volume. Whether the keypad within a receiving zone is set to 1 or 60, the volume at which you receive a page is always the same. A fixed volume is used for intercom to ensure audible communications regardless of a LyncPad's volume level.