Is the Lync system energy efficient?

The Lync system is an efficient combinaton of a centralized Lync controller, centralized digital multi-channel amplifier, and LyncPad keypads spread throughout your home. Each of these components is independently designed for efficient power management, but each also includes features that enable the system as a whole to be even more energy efficient.
Utilize the Trigger feature to automatically power up or power down the multi-channel amplifier. Connect a mono 3.5mm patch cable from the Lync Trigger OUT to an HTD Multichannel Amplifier Trigger IN. When a LyncPad is powered ON, the multi-channel amplifier automatically comes out of sleep mode to provide power where needed. Once all LyncPads are powered OFF, both the Lync controller and the multi-channel amplifier automatically return to sleep mode, drawing only 5 Watts of power each.

Easily power off all LyncPads to automatically put the Lync controller and multi-channel amplifier into 5 Watt sleep mode. Press and hold the power/mute button on any LyncPad for four seconds to power off that zone; continue holding for another three seconds to power off all LyncPad controllers (unless a LyncPad is in DND mode). Note: You can also conveniently turn on and set all zones to the same source for "Party Mode" by pressing and holding the source up or down button.
Adjust the LyncPad brightness. LyncPads in each zone are powered via the Cat5/6 cable from the central Lync controller. The soft white, backlit buttons on the LyncPad are only lit while the LyncPad is actively being used/touched. After 15 seconds of inactivity, the backlit LEDs are turned off. The LCD display itself includes two brightness settings- one setting controls the brightness level when the buttons are actively being pressed, and a second setting controls the brightness level after fifteen seconds of inactivity. This second brightness level can even be reduced to zero so that nothing is displayed and no light is added to the room- great for those who prefer a dark room in which to sleep, and great for power management as well. Note: The LCD TFT screen on each LyncPad can also be uniquely set to its own background and foreground colors.

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