How do I connect sources to my Lync whole-house audio system?

Source input locations are conveniently located throughout your home! Most whole-house audio systems require all of your components to be located in one centralized area. Lync is different! From any LyncPad keypad, you can choose to listen to audio sources located not only in the central area, but also sources located throughout your home. This page displays three ways to get audio into the Lync system: A) connect directly to the Lync controller, B) connect directly to a LyncPad keypad, and C) connect to a LyncPad via an optional Source Input Panel.

A) Control up to six centrally located devices. In addition to Lync's built-in MP3 player, you can connect an additional 5 sources directly into the Lync controller. These 5 sources can be controlled via IR pass-through by aiming the source's remote control (or a common universal remote) at any LyncPad keypad. This is because an IR eye is built into every LyncPad. IR information is routed only to the source selected by the LyncPad. This allows you to connect more than one of the same type of source with common IR commands (such as multiple cable or satellite TV boxes), but only control the one you want. A separate global IR output is included on the back of the Lync controller allowing you to control up to two centrally located IR components that are not even part of your whole-house audio system.

B) For extreme convenience connect any device with an analog audio output directly into the LyncPad. This includes standard headphone outputs. So when your friend says you need to hear a new song she just downloaded to her phone, just connect her phone with a short patch cable and the phone's audio is instantly connected to the Lync system and available to all zones. Stereo audio is digitally transferred to the Lync controller at CD-level quality.

C) Add a source input location anywhere within each zone. When wiring your system, run a 5-conductor cable (or Cat5/6) behind the wall from the LyncPad to a more convenient source input location. This is usually the best solution for connecting a source more permanently within a zone. While a zone source can only be controlled from within its own zone, it is available for listening in all zones.

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