Whole-House Audio System Comparison Chart

  Mid-Level Advanced
Controller Model MCA-66 MC-66 Lync 6 Lync 12
Keypad Style
Midlevel Keypad KC6
OR Midlevel Keypad KC7
Advanced Keypad Lyncpad
Controllable from any Smart Device
(uses your existing wifi; works with any HTML browser)
Starting Price for Standard Package
(with Controller, Keypads, Multi-Channel Amplifier, and Accessories)
$999 (KC6 Keypads)
$1149 (KC7 Keypads)
$1299 (KC6 Keypads)
$1449 (KC7 Keypads)
$1,999 $3,799
Amplifier Power Built-In
Multi-Channel Amplifier
max 60W/zone
Multi-Channel Amplifier
DMA-1240: max 100W/zone
DMA-1275 (+$500): max 200W/zone
2 Separate Multi-Channel Amplifiers
DMA-1275 (+$500 ea)
Maximum Primary Zones
(additional primary zones require an additional controller)
6 12
Sub-Zones Possible
(a sub-zone is usually a room nearby the primary zone that has independent volume control but is a "slave" to the source selected by the primary zone)
Variable AND Fixed Outputs for Every Zone
Maximum Audio Sources
(cable boxes, iTunes, iPods, satellite receivers, tuners, DVD players, PCs, etc.)
6 12 18
Location of Sources
(Central=same as controller;
Zone Source=within a zone)
Central Only 6 Central (including
built-in MP3 player)

+ 6 Zone Sources
6 Central (including
built-in MP3 player)

+ 12 Zone Sources
Control of Central Sources YES
via global IR (infra-red) pass-through
via global AND routed IR (infra-red) pass-through
Maximum Speakers
(speakers rated at 8 ohms; additional speakers can be added to any zone/sub-zone with the purchase of additional amplifiers)
4 per Zone

24 per System
4 per Zone

48 per System
Balance, Treble, and Bass Control - Unique Per Zone Yes
(one-to-one & one-to-all)
No Yes
Built-In MP3 Player
(with meta-data & controllable by Keypad)
No Yes
Keypad KC6 or KC7 LyncPad
Screen Type KC6: buttons only
KC7: 1.44” TFT LCD screen
2.4” TFT LCD screen
Source Names KC6: Not Applicable
KC7: Selectable from list of 30 names
(defaults: Source 1, Source 2, etc.)
Unique names can be entered using HTDNET
(defaults: Source 1, Source 2 . . .)
Zone Names Not Applicable Unique names can be entered using HTDNET
(defaults: Zone 1, Zone 2 . . .)
Keypad Functions Source Select, Volume, Mute, Power, Party Mode, All-Off Source Select, Volume, Mute, Power, Party Mode, All-Off, DND (Do Not Disturb), MP3 Player- stop, skip back, play/pause, skip forward, Intercom- zone select, talk
"Green" Features HTD multi-channel amplifiers include a high-efficiency digital design. Power consumption of the multi-channel amplifier is only 5 watts when in stand-by mode. Stand-by mode can be automatically triggered when all Keypads are turned off. When “awake” the multi-channel amplifier only draws power as required by each zone.