Whole-House Audio System Comparison Chart

  Mid-Level Advanced
Controller Model MCA-66 MC-66 Lync 6 Lync 12
Keypad Style
Midlevel Keypad KC6
OR Midlevel Keypad KC7
Advanced Keypad Lyncpad
Controllable from any Smart Device Valet Home Control
Starting Price for Standard Package
(with Controller, Keypads, Multi-Channel Amplifier, and Accessories)
$999 (KC6 Keypads)
$1149 (KC7 Keypads)
$1299 (KC6 Keypads)
$1449 (KC7 Keypads)
$2,099 $3,899
Amplifier Power Built-In
Multi-Channel Amplifier
max 60W/zone
Multi-Channel Amplifier
DMA-1240: max 100W/zone
DMA-1275 (+$500): max 200W/zone
2 Separate Multi-Channel Amplifiers
DMA-1275 (+$500 ea)
Maximum Primary Zones
(additional primary zones require an additional controller)
6 12
Sub-Zones Possible
(a sub-zone is usually a room nearby the primary zone that has independent volume control but is a "slave" to the source selected by the primary zone)
Variable AND Fixed Outputs for Every Zone
Maximum Audio Sources
(cable boxes, iTunes, iPods, satellite receivers, tuners, DVD players, PCs, etc.)
6 12 18
Location of Sources
(Central=same as controller;
Zone Source=within a zone)
Central Only 6 Central (including
built-in MP3 player)

+ 6 Zone Sources
6 Central (including
built-in MP3 player)

+ 12 Zone Sources
Control of Central Sources YES
via global IR (infra-red) pass-through
via global AND routed IR (infra-red) pass-through
Maximum Speakers
(speakers rated at 8 ohms; additional speakers can be added to any zone/sub-zone with the purchase of additional amplifiers)
4 per Zone

24 per System
4 per Zone

48 per System
Balance, Treble, and Bass Control - Unique Per Zone Yes
(one-to-one & one-to-all)
No Yes
Built-In MP3 Player
(with meta-data & controllable by Keypad)
No Yes
Keypad KC6 or KC7 LyncPad
Screen Type KC6: buttons only
KC7: 1.44” TFT LCD screen
2.4” TFT LCD screen
Source Names KC6: Not Applicable
KC7: Selectable from list of 30 names
(defaults: Source 1, Source 2, etc.)
Unique names can be entered using HTDNET
(defaults: Source 1, Source 2 . . .)
Zone Names Not Applicable Unique names can be entered using HTDNET
(defaults: Zone 1, Zone 2 . . .)
Keypad Functions Source Select, Volume, Mute, Power, Party Mode, All-Off Source Select, Volume, Mute, Power, Party Mode, All-Off, DND (Do Not Disturb), MP3 Player- stop, skip back, play/pause, skip forward, Intercom- zone select, talk
"Green" Features HTD multi-channel amplifiers include a high-efficiency digital design. Power consumption of the multi-channel amplifier is only 5 watts when in stand-by mode. Stand-by mode can be automatically triggered when all Keypads are turned off. When “awake” the multi-channel amplifier only draws power as required by each zone.