How do I remove a grille from an in-wall/ceiling speaker?

When you receive your in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, they are packaged with the powder-coated aluminum grille in place. They must be removed prior to installing the speaker and then reinserted once the speaker is installed.

Un-installed speakers:

  • Hold the speaker in your hands, grille-DOWN, over your lap
  • With your thumbs, swing out the white plastic mounting ears on the back of the speaker
  • Position your fingers under the white trim-ring/bezel around the front of the speaker
  • Press down on the extended plastic mounting ears
  • The screws of the mounting ears will press against the back of the grille. The grille will pop off into your lap

    Already-installed speakers:
  • Using an awl, insert the hook end of the awl into a hole of the grille (along the edge not in the center)
  • Pull firmly to raise the grille from its seat
  • Repeat at multiple positions around the edge of the grille until it pops off
  • To put the grille back on, press it firmly into place until it is seated and flush

    Note: The grille is intentionally very tight inside the frame. A loose grille would buzz or rattle during loud or bass-heavy operation. This "press-fit" design is used by most of today's manufacturers.

    Note: Our HD line of in-wall an in-ceiling speakers include a soft white sythentic fabric liner attached to the inside of the grille that is completely transparent to sound. It is used to provide a consistent appearance and should only be removed if you are painting the grille. After the paint dries, replace the cloth before reinserting the grille into the frame.
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