Keypad Display

If the LCD screen in a keypad appears to have missing pixels or small sections are dark, there is a good possibility that dirt or dust (often drywall dust) has found its way behind the screen.  This often occurs in new installations where the keypad is not installed inside a clean junction box.


Remove the keypad from the wall, and blow compressed air, preferably using a can with a straw attached to the nozzel, behind the screen from the top/side.  It is best to do this while the keypad is still connected to the Cat-5 cable and is powered on.  That way you can see the dust move and you'll know that you are hitting the right spot.  You may need to tilt the keypad while you are doing this in order to get the debris completely out from behind the screen.


Once the debris is gone, it is recommended that you clean out the junction box before re-installing, or if you are installing with a "mud-ring" (i.e. no junction box), cover the top part of the keypad with electrical tape to prevent debris from falling back behind the LCD screen.


If this does not correct the problem, please contact us by phone to receive an official Return Authorization and instructions.