Is a rough-in kit necessary for new construction houses?

Builders and installers will sometimes recommend inserting rough-in kits prior to the sheetrock being installed. This is good for them because it locks you into using speakers that fit the kits (i.e you are forced to buy their high priced speakers from which they make a nice profit). Rough-in kits can cause several problems because once they are installed and the drywall goes up they cannot be repositioned: 1) You have to decide their exact placement before seeing how the room looks finished out. 2) The painters who spray the wall texture often "fill in" the receiving nuts on the frames making installation extremely difficult if not impossible. 3) If a kit is not installed exactly flush with the front edges of its surrounding studs, it can warp the drywall. 4) Rough-in kits leave no margin for error in how the speaker will look aligned with your ceiling and walls, i.e. how they are installed determines the final placement. With the latest dog-ear style mechanism that we and most newer models use, you have about 5 degrees of play in order to align the speaker properly.

The benefit of planning your whole-house audio during new construction is that it is much easier to get the speaker cable into position. Run the cable as necessary and simply tack it to the inside of the stud nearest the point where you plan to install a speaker (Don't be "neat" and put a temporary electrical box there to hold your extra cable- the drywaller might just cut around it as he does with the other outlets in the room). Leave several extra feet of cable and keep a good map of where everything is placed before the drywall goes up. Then when you decide the exact position of the hole, the cable will be waiting for you to connect.

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