How to install EZ-RJ45 tips on Cat5e cable

Correct installation of RJ45 Cat5 tips on Cat5 cable is critically important to the proper operation of your Whole-House System.  The left-to-right sequence of the 8 color-coded wires inside the Cat5 cable must be arranged in a specific order before being inserted into the RJ45 Cat5 tip before being crimped using a special crimping tool.  This process can be quite tedious and error-prone using traditional RJ45 Cat5 tips and crimping tools. 
To simplify this process and assure proper installation, HTD sells and recommends use of the patented EZ-RJ45 Cat5 tips and the patented EZ-RJ45 Crimping Tool.   These two products are designed specifically to be used together and one should not be used without the other.
Click here to view and download a PDF that describes how to install the EZ-RJ45 tips on the Cat5e cable.
NOTE:  If you plan to use Cat6 cable, you MUST use specific EZ-RJ45 Cat6 tips (which we also stock.)  Cat5 and Cat6 tips look similar but are NOT interchangeable.

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