How do I connect four speakers to a pair of stereo amplifier channels?

All HTD speakers are rated at 8 ohms.  And all HTD amplifiers are stable with a 4 ohm load.  This means it is safe to connect two pairs (4 total) of speakers to any one zone.


You do this by twisting together the + (positive) and - (negative) cables from both of the "Left" speakers before connecting them to the positve and negative posts on the amp (or a green connector on some models).  Then, you do the same for the two "Right" speakers.


Your cable might be too thick, once twisted together, to fit into the binding post or green connector.  With binding post connectors, the best option is to use one of our High-End banana plugs to combine the cables together.  But you can either twist together a short (1 foot) cable to the other twisted cables and then insert into the binding posts (or green connector), or instead of twisting ends of the cable together, you can alternatively strip a small (1/2 inch) section on one cable about one foot from the end of the cable, and then twist the second cable to that 1/2" section.  Cover exposed cable with electrical tape.

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