How can I paint my in-wall or ceiling speakers to match my decor?

All of our in-wall and ceiling speakers can be painted to match your decor.  This includes the plastic frame as well as the powder coated aluminum grille.  For best results, follow these instructions:
The plastic frame can be painted with a brush, but spraying on the paint usually provides the most even result.  The grilles should ONLY BE SPRAYED as you do not want to fill in the grille holes.  You can find a spray bottle with a compressed air canister at most paint stores that allows you to mix your own paint.  "Preval" is a common brand an they are usually less than $10.
Every pair of our in-wall or in-ceiling speakers includes a cardboard template with a cut-out that can be used as a paint shield for the speaker. With the grille off, you place this shield inside the frame of the speaker covering the components.  This protects them while they are being sprayed.  Note that it is not intended that the speakers be installed when they are painted- it is better to line them up on some old news paper, paint cloth, etc., lay the shields inside each speaker and then spray.
The grilles require extra care when painting them.  You will need to dilute the paint with about 50% water and do only one or two light sprays.  You do not want to "fill in" the holes in the grille or performance will be diminished.  Another nice trick is to drop each grille, paint side up, about 10 inches (again on to news paper or a paint cloth) right after they've been sprayed.  This will force any paint trapped in the holes to drop through.


Installation instructions and tips are included in the Owner's Manual for each speaker.

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