What is the difference between the HD and MP lines of in-wall and ceiling speakers?

Our MP (Multi Purpose) line of speakers offer great quality and produce a very nice sound, similar to speakers you might find at Best Buy only at a fraction of the cost.  We designed this line with polypropylene cones, a silk dome (not just a fabric "soft" dome) tweeter, and a nice crossover.  These are very similar to something like the Polk RC series with a few additional features that Polk does not offer on their RC line, such as the +/-3dB switch for the tweeter which allows the speaker to be slightly customized for your room or when matching the sound to other speakers in the room.  This product line was primarily designed for general listening applications, such as whole house audio or background/ambient music.  All of our in-wall and ceiling speakers have high power handling which means they will not distort at volume levels higher than most people will ever listen to.


The HD (High Definition) line is more similar to a custom-install brand, such as Niles or Speakercraft, and was designed more specifically for critical listening applications.  This includes home theater/surround sound rooms and dedicated listening rooms.  The HD line was designed with aluminum woofers, ceramic-coated aluminum tweeters, and a 2nd order crossover.   The lighter weight and stiffness of the aluminum drivers allows for a quicker, more accurate response from the woofer.  Our ceramic-coated tweeter provides all of the crispness of other high quality metal dome tweeters with the added benefit of no ringing or harshness due to the ceramic coating.  The end result is that the HD line produces a cleaner, more detailed and more accurate reproduction of sound than the MP line.


The HD line is also more flexible in its applications.  In addition to a +/-3dB switch on the tweeter, the HD line also offers a +/-3dB switch on the woofer giving the listener even more flexibility for adjusting the tone to accomodate room anamolies or the listener's personal taste.  With its aluminum components and powder coated aluminum grille, the HD line is also well suited for high moisture environments, such as bathrooms and even covered areas outdoors.  As a result, we took the extra steps of gel-coating the electrical components on the crossovers and using stainless steel mounting hardware to make them truly weather-proof.


Both the HD and MP lines come ready for easy installation and can be painted to match any decor.  All of our speakers include a 30-day guarantee and 5-year warranty.

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