What makes the HTD business model different/better?

In 1998 HTD became the first consumer electronics company established specifically to sell its own brand direct to consumers via the Internet.  From the beginning, we at HTD have focussed on two things:  making better products and providing outstanding customer support. 
Our mission is to provide products for home theater and whole-house audio that a do-it-yourself enthusiast can appreciate- including performance, features, build quality, ease of installation, and ease of use.  Our business model of selling direct provides these products to our customers at prices that are far below other respected brands found at mass retailers and specialty stores.
Home theater and whole-house audio projects can sometimes be overwhelming.  Our customer support staff is top-notch with an average consumer electronics background of more than twelve years.  Our mission is not simply to sell you our products, but to make sure that your project is successful.  Together we determine if our products are right for your situation.  Customer support is available toll free to everyone.
Chances are you found us either through a friend or family member or stumbled upon us via the Internet. While most audio companies employ a large marketing campaign and sell to mass retailers (who usually mark the price up at least two times before selling to you), we prefer to sell direct to consumers and let those customers do the talking and advertising on our behalf.

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