Where can I go to listen to HTD speakers?

HTD speakers are only for sale directly from us, the manufacturer. Our prices are low because we do not use sales reps, or sell through distributors, dealers or retailers.

We believe, and most audiophiles agree, the best listening environment for evaluating any speaker is in your own setting. While listening rooms at retail stores are good for narrowing the field, your final decision really should be made after listening to the speakers in your own home with your own equipment. HTD encourages its customers to do as much research as possible with other brands and then take advantage of our 30-day Guarantee to see how our speakers compare. Nothing in the same price range will come close to the quality of our components, the build and finish of our cabinets, and most importantly the overall performance in home theater and music. In most cases, if you don't agree that HTD offers the absolute best value in home audio, we'll send you prepaid shipping labels to get the speakers back and we'll issue a full refund, including your initial cost of shipping. Click here for complete details.

Of course, if you are in the Dallas, Texas area, we'd love to give you a personal demo at our headquarters in the Plano Tech Center. Please call in advance to schedule an appointment- toll free 866-HTD-AUDIO. Our address and directions can be found at the bottom of the About Us page.

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