How do I utilize IR control with the Mid-Level System?

Every KC6 and KC7 keypad has a built-in IR receiving eye. This IR eye is used to control the keypad from its remote control AND to pass IR signals through the Mid-Level controller to other centrally located equipment. The keypad's basic functions- source selection, volume up/down, power, and mute - can all be controlled from the keypad's own remote control. But the IR eye on the keypad serves another very important function as well- it passes IR commands from the standard 38K frequency band to the Mid-Level controller and then on to your other centrally located equipment with the use of the included IR emitters. In other words, you can control a centrally located device simply by pointing the IR remote control for that device at any keypad.

There is also an IR Input on the back of the Mid-Level controller. This allows you to connect a receiving eye (sold separately) for a room that does not have a keypad in it. This is often a nearby room such as a dedicated theater room or family room with surround sound installed. IR commands received at this eye are output through the IR Output on the back of the Mid-Level controller.

The Mid-Level controller includes 3 IR emmitter outputs.IR output will output all of the IR signals allowing you to control a device even if it is not selected on the Mid-Level system. The eye on each keypad will pass IR signals to the source selected AND out through the output. The IR eye connected to the IR IN on the back of the Mid-Level controller will pass IR signals out through the IR output.


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